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1964 Chevrolet Chevy II

Nova SS Small Block Chevy Swap


Build Points


  • Color: Blue
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

It’s a 64 true SS car from Texas so it’s very solid body. It currently has a .030 350 stock block hyd roller victor jr intake Dart/world products sportsman’s II cast iron head Harland sharp roller rockers. Coil overs on each corner with ladder bars outback getting rid of the factory leaf suspension. Has stock wheel well tubs so a 26/10/15 is the largest tire ya can fit under it so it’s a handful to drive but makes it fun. As far as exterior it’s a metallic blue with a 4” bolt on cowl hood I’ve utilized the cowl area as a mounting point for my gauges that are in auto meter chrome pods that goes with the car well. Motor probably a easy 550 horsepower not that hard to achieve with a sbc that’s built well as far as power adder have a dual stage cheater kit from NOS with 100hp on the first stage that’s on activated via full throttle micro switch with 125 on the second stage that’s on a button. Trans is pretty basic a very slightly modified trans center support milled an wave plates removed to allow for a couple extra clutches. 8 inch 4500 stahl converter that is by edge racing converters. Shifter is a B&M mega shifter that’s out a 80’s F body that has a 2x4 wrapped in sheet metal painted black with the part for the shifter that made it appear like it was for the F body to seal it off an bolted right to the driveshaft hump in the floorboard.

Future Plans

I’m getting a 427 sbc Dart short block it’s built on there shp block that they rate to hold up to only 600 horsepower but we all know it can handle more as stock blocks can handle that pretty reliable. The motor has 11.8.1 compression with 64cc heads. I’ve already got my new cam kit minus pushrods as I gotta measure for those. I intend on running the sportsman’s for the time being but plan on investing in a set of AFR 220 heads of I recall correctly you can get them in 62cc and that should place me around 12.1 compression making it pretty radical for a actual street car. Also intend on throwing bigger NOS pills at it bringing my total shot to around 400 instead of 225. If I can accomplish this an make it down the track I’m figuring it should go somewhere around high 8 second quarter mile probably and mid to moderately low 5 second eighth mile. With a car that only weights a touch over 2700 pounds with me in it I think it’s all very achievable goals. Only concern I have is will it hook well with such a small tire and if I do hook well an being a plate an not a fogger it hits hard will it wheel stand crazy. They look cool but to often I’ve seen people tear up stuff trying to look cool if it’s a dangle the front tires out a 100 feet that’s cool but I’m worried about it sticking and standing it straight up. Only other plan I have is I’d like to attempt to make some sorta 4 link set up in replacement of the ladder bars I feel they are superior and would control the car better as well.

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