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1967 Mercury Cougar

XR-7 Small Block Ford Swap


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  • Color: Whiteish
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    This is the definition of champagne taste on a beer budget. This is a project being built on hand me down/discount parts. This car is intended for one thing and one thing only; being fun to drive. I found this car sitting on cinder blocks behind a shed, so during the process of revival, if it’s doesn’t make it fast, fun, or cool, it goes. It’s a flat tapper 302 with a Lunati Cam, Windsor Sr heads, weiand dual plane intake, a Holley 1850 series carb, heddman long tube headers, and dual flowmaster 40’s. Trans is a rebuilt C4 with a shift kit and a Hurst ratchet shifter. Very common setup, but most parts were either great deals, used, or flat out hand me downs. Having a background in aircraft maintenance means making things work that other people would overlook, and I think it’s coming together nicely. As for the body... who cares, that doesn’t make it go any faster!

    Completed Modifications

    Engine Parts (4)

    Future Plans

    Bigger cam, valvetrain, tremec trans swap, 9” with a posi (I know that a Chevy term, but you know what I mean), coilover suspension with a three link, and a hydraulic hand brake. Why?! Because I plan on making this a drift capable car. Why?! Because... why not?!

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