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1968 Pontiac Firebird

350 Big Block Chevy Swap


Build Points


  • Color: Red
  • Horsepower: 700
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

This is my current build. I have been involved in drag racing my whole life and this was the car that I bought when I went looking for my first project. My father whose car is slightly in my picture has been bracket racing for a while has helped me pick out my own. He has been helping me get my project off the ground. Mainly I just steal his trailer from time to time as well as take the main spot in the garage :). The car is technicaly "turn-key" but was in need of some work before I could get behind the wheel for the first time. It is a 482 cubic inch Big Block Chevy with a turbo 400 with a trans brake. It all goes through a Dana 60 with Strange axles with a 4.30 gear. I am a very large person, I am 6 feet and 9 inches so trying to get me to fit into the car was a challenge. So we have been going over the roll cage with a fabricator friend who has helped with my father's cage in the past to try to get me to fit in the car better. I am currently in the process of taking the engine out and rebuilding the carb as well as cleaning the engine bay due to a lot of surface rust and grease on it. The car while drivable has been sitting for 3 years or so and needed a generous cleanout. My hopes are for getting my car ready for next season in 2021 and hope that I can have a great introduction to my first personal race season in my own car. Thank you for reading my story.

Future Plans

We are going to re-gasket everything and rebuild the carburetor. I am planning on applying rust prevention coating to the underside of the car as well as refinishing the engine bay. There is a decent amount of surface rust that is present to need to be taken care of before it gets worse. I don't plan on any engine modification anytime soon. The engine is a 454 block with a standard bore with a 4.250 stroker crank put in it. The person whom I bought it from said the engine is about 13.5 to 1 compression. I will need to take the heads off to see what CC the pistons are as well as the CC on the heads. So please wait for me to post the true compression ratio on the car as well as what pistons are in it. Other than that I don't plan on doing anything to the engine till I get a lot of seat time in it. Thank you for reading my story.

Wish List: Firebird

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