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Arthur's 1967 Chevy G-10

1967 Chevy G-10

90 327 ci


Build Points


  • Color: Currently primer
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

Bought in 1978 from my uncle in Mississippi. Drove it up to Maine and towed my other car to Mississippi and then to Maryland where the 250 ci motor died around 1980. Other than having a new motor installed it sat outside until I retired in 2017. I towed it to Mississippi, bought a house, built a garage and started restoring it. I lost some parts in the move, but I’m about 70% through the rust repairs. Hope to finish it and hand it off to a painter and upholstery shop in 2021.

Vehicle Story

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Future Plans

Show it at cruising the coast in Mississippi and other shows I can attend.

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