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James's Dirt Cheap Dart

1971 Dodge Dart

Swinger 318/5.2L V8


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  • Color: Blue sky
  • Horsepower: 295
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    I Bought this car from a old guy from my town. He watched me grow up from a kid with my best friend because he was the neighbor to my friend . I seen this car every day i got off the bus because he hung out at the liquor where the bus stop was at every day. I met up with him bout 5 years later when i was out of high school and asked him bout the swinger and seeing if he was selling it always wanted the car he told me for you 500$ bucks!!! for the car.he told me it just shut off on him when he last drove it over 5 years ago. so i Went home broke open my piggy bank lol and ran back over with the money got it trailered home now im beginning to tare down and get the 318 to live once again: Update on the 318 when i got it home opend the hood i saw that beautiful greasy pig i called my first mopar engine. it already had a elderbrock intake dual plane with carb and dress up kit . i was like alright alright alright like matthew mccanahay lol i poped in the new battery it just cranked over. had spark and fuel pulled out the compression gauge and she was at zero ! he told me the car ran great he was a car guy so itook his word that the engine wasnt a knocker and started tareing the engine down. imeditily when i got the timing chain off you could see this poor saggy timming chain and the stock dodge nylon coated timing chain gear. the chain slipped right off the perfectly round gear haha my uncle old time mechanic told me to pull the pan and get the nylon coating out of the oil pump pick up tube and boy was she clogged good ol uncle jimmy caught it right off the bat! next got the heads off and majority of the exhuast valves were bent and push rods so now to summit racing where i i bought all new parts timing chain and gear set push rods and exhuast valves and all the gaskets. now the party started doing this all this work i was detemined to get the dodge done so i put it all toghther ground all the valves in with power drill and hose with clamps with course grinding compound cleaned those seats right up. so it was all bolted back toghter with its new hemi orange paint job all this work was done by myself with just basic tools and not knowing nothing about mopars. now i feel this last job was the most pain of this job was putting on these headers the old man bought for the car that were sitting in the trunk man boy oh boy i shoulda took the engine out to put these suckers in i have bout 30 hours invested in just the headers installtion call me dumb but id like to see better done in my situation haha !! so now thats done i got a a hook up from my friend with a nice 650 avs 2 edlerbrock carb and she fired right up open headers #!!!$$ off the whole neibor hood at 9 pm lol she was compelte back to running so now im stalling thinking what i want to do next to the dart to make it more personal to me so heres my ride updates to come!!!!!

    Future Plans

    Have great times cruising to different places i havent been in a musle car

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    • James

      any stall converter recomendations??