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1990 Ford Bronco

XLT 351/5.8L V8


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  • Color: red
  • Horsepower: 350
  • Drivetrain: 4x4
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    my dads old truck that he saved for me, he couldn't afford to build it for me so we went 50-50 on it.

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    Future Plans

    Hoping to make this a more ecu controlled vehicle than it was stock. I am also hoping to make some good horsepower with aluminum heads. I have bought the sniper efi kit, with ignition and fuel system parts. Now I am going to delete the a/c pump, and the mechanical water pump to switch to an electric one. Then I am going to also hook up a new aluminum radiator. Then I'm gonna get the relay kit to wire the electric water pump, and the new fan to the Sniper because the old fan wont be there anymore. then after I get all that I will finish buying all the smaller stuff like brakes. Then the final things are going to be getting a 4in lift, 35in 12.50's, and a new windshield, and rear windshield. then she will be running nice.

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