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Thanks to the dual pattern design of the squarebore Sniper EFI systems, you have tons of options even if you're using the less popular spreadbore or Quadrajet style intake manifolds.

If you're making up to 500 horsepower and want to maintain that classic Quadrajet look and sound, the Sniper EFI Quadrajet is perfect for you. While four 100 lb/hr injectors are standard like the base Sniper EFI system, the smaller primary throttle bores required us to scale back fueling in them to ensure proper fuel balancing between all four throttle bores. This is why the Quadrajet Sniper EFI is limited to 500 horsepower, whereas the standard Sniper EFI system is good for up to 650 horsepower. If you plan on making over 500 horsepower, the standard Sniper EFI will work fine thanks to its dual pattern flange, which will accept 4150 and spreadbore intakes. Both options feature 2 bar MAP sensors that will support up to 14.7 psi of boost.

If your power goals exceed 650 horsepower and/or 14.7 psi of boost, there are several options for you. The Super Sniper 650, Super Sniper 1250, Sniper XFlow, and Sniper XFlow 1375 all have dual pattern flanges that will bolt right onto your spreadbore intake. They are all also equipped with a 2.5 bar MAP sensor which will support up to 21.5 psi of boost.

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