• A team of highly experienced, degreed engineers and technicians
  • ProE solids modeling software
  • AutoCad Software
  • Extensive experience in direct 3D prototype and tooling
  • 14,000 sq-ft mechanical and vehicle technology Center
  • 1,500 sq-ft electronics technology lab

Vehicle Lab

  • High performance test vehicles including early and late models
  • Testing to EPA 75, Euro Stage I and Stage II cycles
  • 1000 HP chassis dyno for performance
  • 200 HP motorcycle dyno
  • Local access to full NHRA quarter mile track facilities

Engine Dyno Systems

  • 1000 HP SuperFlow dyno with full data acquisition
  • Fuel, air, temps, and pressure measurement
  • 3 independent fuel systems for a variety of testing
  • Over 20 sample test engines up to 1500 HP
  • DTS engine dynamometer 2000 HP

Mechanical Lab Air Systems

  • Largest wet-flow bench in the U.S. (6000 cfm)
  • Computerized master laminar wet-flow stand
  • Cylinder head flow bench
  • Camshaft measurement and analysis

Mechanical Lab Fuel Systems

  • Fuel injector performance test system
  • Fuel pump and regulator test stand, computerized
  • Fuel pump durability test stands

Engineering Model Shop

  • Fully equipped machine shop including
  • Lathes
  • Injector lathe
  • Milling machine
  • Drill presses
  • Surface grinder
  • Band and cutoff saws
  • Optical comparator
  • MIG welder

Electronics Lab

  • Thermotron environmental chamber (-40F to 400F)
  • 3 distributor performance test stands
  • Mil spec vibration table
  • Variety of digital and storage oscilloscopes
  • HP logic analyzer
  • HP EMC field analyzer

Electronic Design Capability

  • Viewlogic schematic capture software
  • PADS PCB layout software
  • SPECTRA autorouter software
  • TANGO circuit analysis software

Other Equipment

  • Labview nitrous data acquisition system
  • Labview water pump performance test stand
  • Labview fuel pump test stand