2022 LS Fest Texas: The Hooker BlackHeart/LS1Tech.com Car Show


2022 LS Fest Texas: The Hooker BlackHeart/LS1Tech.com Car Show


Texans know how to show up and show off...it's just part of the culture. And for LS Fest Texas, we expected nothing less than some of the best to come out and shine in the afternoon sun as it starts to sink into the western horizon. What's your poison? Do you dig classic musclecars that are polished up perfect and thundering with that all-important bass exhaust tone? Maybe you were hunting for an off-roader that could handle anything the wilds could throw. And speaking of those wide-open Texas prairies, since this is an LS Fest, the likelihood that some sun-roasted dream machine of days gone by, repowered with an LS or Gen-V LT engine would roll in, proudly wearing the patina that nature provided.

The desire for variety was fed with this show. Everything from unfinished ’67 Chevelle’s to 1,000 horsepower modern muscle graced the lineup of the car show. There was even a Range Rover boasting LS power that looked almost OEM. An LS-Swap in the Range Rover must increase the reliability tenfold.

Many people parked their ride and went exploring around the show, but there were a few like David “Turbo” Dantonio who hung out by his 1982 Volvo 244 just to talk to people about how proud he was of his ride. It wasn’t only LS-powered, but he also threw some boost at it too with a Cadillac XLR supercharger and a 100-shot of nitrous. His proudest fact about this car is that it is his daily driver.

Kevin Dinsmore brought out not one, but TWO high-end Pro Touring rides to show off to us. His ’78 Trans Am is as fresh as a build gets. This was its first show he’s had it at. And judging from the crowd that it brought all day long, it was a hit. Apparently, Kevin has taste, because his other ride was a build Buick GNX with a supercharged LT4 under the hood. He said both cars were built for speed and looks. A balance of form and function was key for these rides. The car show will be continuing all day Saturday and conclude with awards at 9:00 PM.

LS Fest Texas 2022 Car Show - Trans Am

Kevin’s ’78 Trans Am boasts a 416ci LS3 controlled my Holley Terminator X along with our multiport intake and 4150 throttle body.

LS Fest Texas 2022 - Volvo

David “Turbo” Dantonio must’ve earned his nickname with wild rides like his supercharged, nitrous-fed ’82 Volvo 244.

LS Fest Texas 2022 - TMS Staff

The wonderful staff at Texas Motor Speedway ran people from the parking lot to the show all day long and had an amazing attitude doing it.

LS Fest Texas 2022 - Boss Hogg Motorcycles

What’s better than one LS-powered motorcycle? Two LS-powered motorcycles.


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