Add A Piece Of Real NASCAR Technology In Your Muscle Car

By: Dan S | 05/05/2014 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley's Terminator EFI has been labeled by professional engine builders and enthusiast publications as one of the easiest and most powerful bolt-on EFI upgrades available. While a number of street performance products draw some of their design from motorsports, Terminator EFI draws a great deal of its design directly from technology Holley has developed for use in NASCAR®. 

Holley designed their throttle body to offer a superior product to NASCAR teams during the organization’s switch to EFI for the Sprint Cup Series in 2012. 
Available for street cars, off road trucks and sportsman racers, the Terminator four-barrel throttle body is designed to be a simple carburetor replacement EFI system. It shares the same CFD designed venturi area that was developed to deliver the high air speeds and velocity needed for high horsepower NASCAR engines.

But unlike Holley’s NASCAR throttle body, the Terminator EFI system comes with a computer, wiring harness and sensors. Apart from the coolant temp sensor and oxygen (O2) sensor, all of the EFI sensors and fuel injectors are integrated into the Terminator throttle body for easy service and are pre-wired for plug-and-play operation. The system requires no computer experience and initial set-up is done with a small hand-held controller. Simply answer a few basic questions about the vehicle it's being installed on. After that, the Terminator's ECU (Engine Control Unit) tunes itself to the specific engine and driving conditions. The system achieves this by communicating with an O2 sensor installed in the exhaust stream and is able to make adjustments on the fly as needed to keep the engine running smoothly. 

While Terminator EFI is a perfect match for the entry-level EFI swap, the architecture of its ECU allows it to be compatible with a laptop for further tuning by more experienced EFI tuners. This allows tuners to use the Terminator ECU for more applications such as turbocharging, blow through supercharging, nitrous, and more. The same ECU can even run multiport EFI systems.

Holley’s Terminator EFI system is compatible with all square bore (4150 flange) intake manifolds and has connections for a variety of transmission applications including Ford, GM TH-350, 700R4, and more. The throttle body is a 950cfm unit with side feed 80 lb/hr fuel injectors. Fuel is injected underneath the throttle blades through patent pending annular discharge rings in an effort to efficiently atomize fuel. The ECU, hand-held programmer, and all of the necessary wiring and sensors complete the rest of the kit. The system supports engines ranging from 250 to 600 horsepower, and provides proper ignition timing control on engines with either small cap style HEI or Ford TFI distributors (both require separately purchased adapter).

Installation also requires upgrading the fuel system with new fuel lines, regulator, fittings and high-pressure fuel pump. Holley has a variety of kits that include all of the above (minus the return line), with your choice of a Holley HP Billet or in-line fuel pump, and Earl's stainless Perform-O-Flex, Pro-Lite 350 or Super Stock hoses. Holley's Terminator EFI system is also available in a Hard Core Gray™ or Tumble Polished finish. It is truly one of the simplest ways to yield the benefits of EFI in one weekend of work. Benefits include better cold starting, improved drivability and in many cases a broader torque curve and better fuel economy. When you are ready to put some NASCAR technology under the hood of your ride, check out Holley’s Terminator EFI.

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