Automotive Wiring: "Good Enough" Is Anything But!

By: Todd Veney02/21/2017 < Back to Blog Home

Be sure to watch for Holley Technical Training Manager Tom Kise's informative three-part series of how-to wiring videos – Crimp Vs. Solder, Proper Wiring Protection, and Selecting the Proper Wire – but before you do, check out this one, What Not to Do. Tom has truly seen it all over the years, and there's nothing that causes hot rodders more needless headaches than cutting corners, skipping steps, and "improvising" with half-baked wiring shortcuts in the first place. In this fun five-minute video, Tom addresses some of the crazier things he's come across. It's not just basic stuff like using larger- or smaller-than-required gauge wire, having the wrong connectors, or running wires through the firewall without grommets. We're talking about truly hilarious blunders such as using wire nuts like you'd find in a wall in your garage, pounding nails into a battery post to "ensure" a tight connection, and even employing solid-core household wiring somewhere under the hood. So remember, when you crimp a connection, use a crimper – not a hammer! When you're stripping wires, use the tool that was designed specifically for that task – not side cutters, not channel locks, and not, for crying out loud, your teeth! Even if you'd never think of doing anything of these things, this is worth five minutes of your time, just for the laughs.

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