Burning Down The Freedom Factory For Cleetus And Cars

15 min read

Burning Down The Freedom Factory For Cleetus And Cars

15 min read

A Cleetus and Cars event isn't the place for being shy. The crowds are huge, the action is consistently on throughout the day and the energy level is high until it is time to turn the lights out and head home. That only applies if you are a spectator, by the way...if you are lucky enough to be a participant in any of his events, you had better be ready to put on a show for the audience with 100% of your game on-line. When you are within the domain of the Freedom Factory, there is no other way...anything less and you will be shown up and shown the exit.

Cleet FF 2022

The day started off with a driver’s meeting where everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Cleetus, who turned 27 years old. Cleetus was pleasantly surprised and joined in on the singing.

Many of the usual suspects were on-hand and ready to compete in the burnout contest, and a full capacity crowd was waiting for them to get started. And the drivers did not disappoint. One after the other, they drove into the Freedom Factory's skidpad and proceeded to send the tachometer needle straight into the red, turning tires to smoke and layering the concrete with more and more melted-down vulcanized rubber.

Cleet FF22 Road Runner

This Road Runner was way too nice to be ripping donuts then way it was. Even Cleetus cringed when the tail of this Mopar got a bit close to the wall.

Unfortunately, the burnout competition competitors were running against the weather. A weather system threatened to bring a downpour directly over the Freedom Factory, so after making the call to start the burnout contest early in the day, the competition kicked off with Steve Nogas's infamous "Killa-B" fifth-gen Camaro, an Australian burnout competition legend, and Cleetus's own Australian competition-proven third-gen Camaro known as "Toast". Once both machines had nuked their tires into oblivion, it was time for everyone else to come out swinging...

Cleet FF22 Toast

The “Toast” Camaro got thrown around and made the crowd go wild as it turned all of the rear tires into a fog bank so thick, you couldn’t see ten feet in front of you.

Cleet FF22 Porsche

Most Porsche owners wouldn’t dream of driving their cars like this. This Maserati-swapped Boxster was wound out for five minutes straight while making all of the right noises and all of the smoke it could.

Cleet FF22 James Camaro

James Taal brought out the "new" second-gen Camaro that Derek from Vice Grip Garage helped him build. For a car that had NO brakes on it at all, James drove the wheels off of it!

Cleet FF22 Ripsaw

Cleetus made sure to put on a show as he brought his Ripsaw tank out to hype up the crowd. Nothing will get people on their feet quite like center-axis donuts!


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