MENU Features Videos of Holley's Avenger EFI Installation

By: Dan S08/10/2010 < Back to Blog Home
blog_title_.gif, the on-line forum for Chevelle owners and enthusiasts, recently posted a couple of videos on the installation and tuning proceedures for the Holley Avenger EFI system. Forum member Vince G. instaleld the Avenger EFI onto his 1969 SS, equipped with a 509 cubic inch big block. The first video shows how easily Vince set up the tune on the Avenger EFI, while the second video shows how smooth the idle is with the system installed. "One of the most noticeable things is how solid the idle is," says Vince in his post on "The idle used to dip a bit, depending on the temperature and if the headlights were on; and on occasion when braking downhill. The problem is no longer there," he says.
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