Earl's Flame Guard Insulation Now Available in Black

By: Todd Veney05/08/2017 < Back to Blog Home
Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Earl’s Black Flame Guard Insulation, which protects hose, cables, wiring, and even hard lines from extreme under-hood temperatures. Still offered in traditional brick red, this non-asbestos slide-on sleeving helps provide a true stealth look for hot rods, racecars, and show cars. Flame Guard Insulation's silicone-impregnated fiberglass cloth can withstand splashes up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and is effective for extended periods in operating temperature from 65 degrees below zero all the way up to 500 degrees. It's available in diameters from 3/8-inch to 1.5-inch and sold in bulk by the foot or in prepackaged 3-foot and 10-foot lengths. For detailed product information and high-resolution product images of Earl's Flame Guard in both colors and all lengths, click here. To see just how easy it really is to install, click the video below.