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Easy Performance for Ford Bronco Sport 2.0L

Flashpaq #1845

Superchips offers the simplest and most cost-effective solution to your need for added power in the Ford Bronco Sport 2.0L with our latest addition to Flashpaq’s tuning support. With the ability to add up to 36 HP and 42 ft-lb torque on 93 octane fuel*, the Flashpaq has been specifically calibrated to enhance the driving experience in a vehicle with no further modifications. See the “Preloaded Tunes” list below for details.

Whether you’re hitting a trail off-road, looking for better fuel mileage on your daily commute, or simply need a boost to all-out acceleration and performance, Flashpaq has you covered. The device also comes preloaded with performance tunes for 91/93 and 87 octane fuel, our Mileage XS and Crawl Tunes, and a host of additional options to re-calibrate for tire size, disable Auto Start/Stop, and much more.

*Engine tuning currently available for 2.0T engines only.

Optional Controls with Tuning- Flashpaq #1845:

  • Rev Limiter: Stock/Pre-set Raised
  • Speed Limiter: Stock/Pre-set Raised
  • Auto Start-Stop: Enable/Disable
  • Fan Temp: Stock/Pre-set Lowered
  • Global Spark Advance: Selectable to +/- in degrees

Quick Options (changes that can be made without reloading a tune)- Flashpaq 1845 and Flashcal 1545:

  • Auto Lights Display: Selects the duration of time the headlights stay illuminated after the driver exits, for 0, 5, 10, 20, 60, or 120 seconds.
  • Auto Lock Disable/Enable: The F-150 will automatically lock its doors when the vehicle reaches about 15 mph. Flashpaq can turn this off so it will wait until manually triggered by the driver.
  • Remote Unlock All Doors/Driver Door: Choose whether the first press of the unlock button on the key FOB unlocks all doors or driver only.
  • Remote Start Duration: Adjusts vehicle running time after activation with optional durations of 0, 5, 10, and 15 mins.
  • TPMS System Disable: TPMS can be turned off altogether for switching to aftermarket wheels without sensors. The system can also be re-enabled at any time with Flashcal.
  • Independent TPMS threshold: With TPMS enabled, the front and rear axles can be set to different warning thresholds, from 1– 90 psi.
  • Tire Size: Enter the measured height in inches, in a range of 25.25 – 29.75” for an accurate speedometer reading after changing to taller or shorter rubber, and the rest of the calculations are done for you.

*Recalibration of speedometer with gear ratio change is not required on this application.

Speedometer Calibration (and more!) for Bronco Sport 2.0L & 1.5L

Flashcal #1545

Tire and wheel upgrades are common with trucks and SUVs in general, and Superchips offers the easiest, most cost-effective solution for Bronco Sport owners to correct a speedometer reading for changes to tire height and many other parameters. In minutes, the Flashcal plugs into the truck’s diagnostic port and the user only has to input their new tire size and/or gear ratio changes to return the speedometer to an accurate calibration. You’ll rest assured the speedometer and odometer are displaying accurately to keep your time on the highway safe and legal!

In addition to speedometer calibration, Flashcal also offers numerous customizations to your vehicle’s features that were not previously available to the end user.

*See Quick Options list above for available Flashcal controls

Live Data Monitoring and Added Power for the 2.0L Engine

Dashpaq+ #10601

Power: If you’re looking for tuning and monitoring, the Dashpaq+ is Superchips’ most versatile and feature-rich device. Like Flashpaq, Dashpaq+ opens the option to enhance peak engine power by 36 horsepower and 42 lb.-ft of torque with 93 octane fuel, and in addition contains performance tunes for 91 and 87 octane fuel, a tune to optimize mileage, and a crawl tune for real off-roading*.

Customizable Options: The preloaded tunes are ready to go as they come on the device, but Dashpaq+ offers a comprehensive menu of other changes that can be made in the process of loading one. See the “Optional Controls” list in this section below.

Monitoring: Dashpaq+ uses a 5″ high-definition screen that boasts a high refresh rate ensuring smooth animation for the customizable virtual gauge display.

Easy Updating: The recommended software for updating is available for a Windows or Mac computer, but contains Wi-Fi capability when one is not available.

Multi-License Option: Finally, but certainly not insignificantly, is the option to add additional vehicle licenses and its compatibility with custom tuning. New vehicle license(s) create additional “parking spaces” in the device’s memory to tune more than one vehicle simultaneously.

Custom Tuning Available*: For modifications that require calibration beyond the Dashpaq+’s abilities out of the box, the device can be loaded with load custom files created by dealers equipped with our sister company’s tuning software, Diablosport CMR.

*Engine tuning currently available for 2.0T engines only.

Optional Controls with Tuning on Dashpaq+ 10601 on 2.0L engines:

  • Fuel Table from 1-3000 RPM -40% +40%
  • Fuel Table from 3-6000 RPM -40% +40%
  • Global Spark Advance -10 to +10 degrees from stock
  • Cooling Fan -10 to +10 degrees from stock
  • Rev Limiter Neutral, raised 3000-8000 RPM
  • Rev Limiter in Gear raised, 3000-8000 RPM
  • Idle in Drive, set to 400-1200 RPM
  • Idle in Neutral, set to 400-1200 RPM
  • Vehicle Speed Governor On or Off
  • Auto Start/Stop On or Off
  • Tire Size: Height in inches, in a range of 25.25 – 29.75”

Preloaded Tunes in Flashpaq 1845 and Dashpaq+ #10601 for 2.0L

Tune NameHPTrq
93 Performance3642
87 Octane1623
Mileage XS(87 octane)1623
Crawl Tune(87 octane)1623

Instant Throttle Response on your Bronco Sport with Amp’d 2.0

Amp’d 2.0 #18862-2

A frequent inquiry we get in the field is how to reduce or eliminate the lag in pedal response after certain modifications, like bigger tires. This can often be a complaint with completely unmodified SUVs and trucks!

Superchips Amp’d 2.0L Throttle Sensitivity Booster is easy to install and delivers immediate improvement to the engine’s throttle response. This increased sensitivity optimizes your Bronco Sport’s driving experience and reduces spool-up time of the turbo! Amp’d 2.0 offers an elegantly simple solution that generates “seat of the pants” response you won’t find anywhere else.

Amp’d 2.0 features (5) preset throttle settings that can be switched on the fly, and an intuitive plug-and-play installation to factory connectors without cutting or splicing wires. Settings are adjustable through our wireless switch, or the all-new Amp’d 2.0 smartphone app which includes an option to create custom pedal map curves.

Calibrate & Add Instant Throttle Response Together

Amp’D 2.0 + Flashcal for Ford #1545-A2

While Flashpaq and Dashpaq+ do offer tremendous power improvements, some Bronco owners wish to tighten up pedal response and recalibrate specific accessories without completely reprograming the engine control. Combining an Amp’d 2.0 Throttle Booster and Flashcal will fill that void, for a relatively small output of money and time.

The combination of Flashcal and Amp’D 2.0 Throttle Booster makes for an easy install and reward on investment that few other modifications can match.


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