Holley Carb Hunter's Guide

10 min read

Holley Carb Hunter's Guide

10 min read

So you're walking around the local swap meet or garage sale and observe a pile of old Holley carburetors, how do you know which ones are basket cases or precious relics for that muscle car restorer? Hopefully, this guide will direct you in the right direction and offer you some insight on how to identify an older carburetor and locate potential service parts.

List Numbers

The Holley List Number can divulge any and all necessary information to identify the specifications for your carburetor. On the standard 4150/4160 models, this number will be located on the throttle lever side of the air horn. Depending on the age of your carburetor, the list number can begin with distinct markings. Vintage (pre mid-60s) is typically denoted with "R", while later models can be stamped with "L", "List", or the modern convention "0-". For example, the 3310 750CFM Holley's have been produced for nearly 50 years. Initial versions would show R3310A, while modern adaptations are "0-3310."


Let's take a look at the carburetor I keep at my desk, it is the 4150 model front and center of the image above. Locating the List Number stamping, we see the following: - S2MS-9510-A - 3259-1 - 0798

The first line, "S2MS-9510-A" represents our O.E. (Ford) number, used for their records/catalog to keep track of which vehicle it would be installed on. While there are resources dedicated to decoding this code, it is unused by Holley when attempting to source a rebuild kit or service part. The second line contains the list number "3259-1". We can use this to look up information like jetting, proper rebuild kit, available replacement parts and more. There are multiple books dedicated to researching Holley carburetors (including Holley's own #36-51-7 Illustrated Manual) but for those seeking a quick resource, check out their Master List found HERE.

The Master List shows that this carburetor is rated at 725 CFM and was initially built with a 68 primary jet and 78 secondary jet along with an 8.5" power valve. Due to the unique nature of this carburetor, there are no off-the-shelf to rebuild kits available. It would be best to speak with one of Holley's Technical Service Representatives at 1-888-258-3835 for their recommendation on what would work best.

Moving on, 0798 is our date code; Holley used a three digit up to 1973, after which they moved to the four digit code you see here. Decoding them is as follows:

  • Three Digit - Example 763 > 7 - Year (1967) , 6 - Month (June) , 3 - (Third Week)
  • Four Digit - Example 0798 > 079- Day of Year (would land in March) , 8 - 1978/1988/1998/2008

When searching for used carburetors, note that three-digit date codes are pre-1973. Service carburetors (dealer replacements) will also be stamped with a four-digit code similar to post-1973 units, the carburetor shown above was a service unit produced in 1978.

Hopefully this guide shares a little insight onto how Holley carburetors are identified, as always you can contact our Technical Service department at the toll free number above. If you are interested in checking out the local swap meet or garage sale, see below for a list of commonly sought after carburetors for restoration projects.


List #ApplicationTransmissionCFMOEM #
R3246A (R3246AAS)66' Full-Size 427Std./Auto7803885067
R3247A (R3247AAS)66' Corvette 427 (425HP)Std.7803886101
R3310A (R3310AAS)65' Chevelle 396 (425HP) H.O.Std.7803878261
R3367A (R3367AAS)66' Corvette 327 Std.5853884505
R3418A (R3418AAS)66' Corvette 427 (425HP)Std.8553886091
R3613A (R3613AAS)66' Chevelle 396 (375HP)Std.7703893229
R3659A (R3659AAS)67-68' Corvette 427 (400/435HP) TriPower 3x2 Outer Carb(s)----4663902353
R3660A (R3660AAS)67-68' Corvette 427 (400/435HP) TriPower 3x2 Center CarbStd.3503902355
R3807A (R3807AAS)67' Chevelle 327 (325HP)Std./Auto6003903391
R3810A (R3810AAS)67' Camaro & Corvette 302, 327, 396Std./Auto5853906631
R3815A (R3815AAS)67' Corvette 427 (390HP)Std.5853906637
R3910A (R3910AAS)67' Camaro 302, 396Std.7703916143
R4054A (R4054AAS)68' Corvette 427 (425HP)Std.5703925519
R4055-1A (R4055-1AAS)70' Corvette 427 (400/435HP) TriPower 3x2 Center CarbStd.3503940929
R4056-1A (R4056-1AAS)70' Corvette 427 (400/435HP) TriPower 3x2 Center CarbAuto3503940930
R4210A (R4210AAS)68' Camaro 302 2X4Std.5853941140
R4830AAA302 Trans-Am Racing CarbStd.8303965736


List #ApplicationTransmissionCFMOEM #
R3255-1A65-67 Ford SOHC 427Std.785C5AF-9510-BV
R3259-165' Mustang Cobra Hi-Po 289----715S2MS-9510A
R3300A65-67 Full-Size 427 2x4Std.710C5AF-9510-BD
R3301A65-67 Full-Size 427 2x4Std.710C5AF-9510-BC
R3360A66' Mustang GT 350 Primary----585C6OA-9510-A
R3361A66' Mustang GT 350 Secondary----585C6OA-9510-B
R3410A65' Ford Hi-Po 427 Primary----770C5AF-9510-BU
R3411A65' Ford Hi-Po 427 Secondary----770C5AF-9510-BT
R3530A68' Fairlane, Comet GT 390----600C60F-9510-M
R3557A66' Fairlane, Comet GT 390----600C6OF-9510-N
R3680A66' Ford SOHC 427 Racing Carb785C6AF-9510-BG
R3793A67' Fairlane, Comet, Cougar GT 390Std.600 C7OZ-9510-L
R4069A68' Shelby GT 350Auto.600S8MS-9510-A
R4088A68' Fairlane, Comet, Cougar, Mustang 427Auto.600C8AZ-9510-AD
R4118AAS68' Shelby Hi-Po Small Block----715GIMD-9510-F
R4129A68' Shelby GT 500----760C8ZX-9510-A
R4168A68' Mustang 428 Cobra JetAuto.735 C8OZ-9510-AB
R4201A68' 427 Drag RacingStd.650C8OF-9510-AC
R4202A68' 427 Drag RacingStd.650C8OF-9510-AD
R451170' BOSS 302Std.780C9ZF-9510-J
R4514-170' Mustang Cobra Jet, Cougar, GT 428Auto.735D0ZF-9510-AB
R460969' Mustang Cobra Jet, Cougar, GT 428Auto.730C9AF-9510-U
R462870' Mustang Cobra Jet, Cougar  429Auto.735D00F-9510-R
R464770' Mustang BOSS 429Std.780D00F-9510-R
R465370' Mustang BOSS 302Std.780D0ZF-9510-Z
R612971' Mustang BOSS 302Std.780D1ZF-9510-VA


List #ApplicationTransmissionCFMOEM #
R35751967 Chrysler 440Std./Auto6002843150
R36771967 Chrysler 440Std./Auto6002843151
R36681967 Chrysler Hemi Racing----770 2531689
R39181968 Chrysler 440Std./Auto600 2863836
R4144-11970 Chrysler, 440 Eng. Center 3 x 2 Bbl.Auto.3503418550
R41661969 Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth, 440 EngAuto.3503418550
R4365-11970 Chrysler, 440 Eng. Rear 3 x 2 Bbl.----5003462373
R46701971 Chrysler, 440 Eng. Center 3 x 2 Bbl.Auto.3503512835
R46721971 Chrysler, 440 Eng. Rear 3 x 2 Bbl.----5003512837
R47901970 Chrysler Rear 3 x 2 Carb., 340 Eng.----5003577185
R47911970 Chrysler Center 3 x 2 Carb., 340 Eng.Std.3503577182
R47921970 Chrysler Center 3 x 2 Carb., 340 Eng.Auto.3503577183


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