Holley LS Fest 2020 Official Event Coverage

Author: Evan Perkins | Photographer: Mark Gearhart | 09/11/2020 < Back to Motor Life Home

DISCLAIMER: Spectators MUST purchase tickets online (Click HERE). There will be ZERO ON-SITE TICKET SALES due to COVID-19 restrictions. Only spectators who have purchased tickets ONLINE may attend the event.

Holley LS Fest 2020 IS ON!

The wait is over and the one-and-only celebration of all things LS-powered is finally here! Holley LS Fest 2020 is a go and LS-powered vehicles are rolling through the gates, down the drag-strip, and into the car show grounds. LS Fest is the mecca for LS-enthusiast action and the wild, LS-infused vehicles at the event are some of the craziest around. Follow along below as we continue to cover all of the seriously cool vehicles in attendance, racing action, and all of the other exciting happenings at LS Fest 2020.

CLICK HERE for full event results

Holley LS Fest 2020 Autocross and Road Course Coverage

If you're a corner-carving enthusiast, Holley's LS Fest Autocross and the road course at the National Corvette Museum are the places to be. The LS-powered audience at this year's event brought their A-game, and competition is shaping up to be tight. The sticky rubber, powerful LS engines, and hot-shoe drivers are out doing their thing, dodging cones, slingshotting through corner apexes, and ticking off crazy fast lap times. To check out some of the crazy-rides at the LS Fest autocross, CLICK HERE!

Holley LS Fest Drag Racing Coverage

LS Fest 2020 Drag Racing Coverage

If the LS engine didn't make horsepower, it would have never garnered the cult following it currently enjoys. With all of that power comes an undeniable urge to go drag racing, and LS Fest 2020 features some of the quickest and fastest, LS-powered cars around. For coverage and photo galleries of the tire smoking burnouts, wheelies, and hard-hitting launches, CLICK HERE!

LS Fest 2020 Drift Coverage

Drifting and the LS engine go together like peas and carrots and the high-revin', tire-smokin' drift machines at LS Fest are a testament to that fact. Drifting kicked off yesterday with a test session and all manner of LS-swapped vehicles ranging from Nissan S-series cars, to BMWs, to Ford Mustangs hit the tarmac to get some laps in. The highly competitive field hung their tails out on the track pluming atomized tires in their wake. Qualifying is scheduled for later today and results will be posted as they are released from race control. Click HERE for complete drift coverage.

Holley LS Fest Official Results

Full event results from LS Fest 2020 have been posted. Click on the photo or link below for Autocross, drag racing, 3S, BOXO Bolt-on Challenge and Show & Shine results from LS Fest East 2020.

CLICK HERE for full results from LS Fest 2020.

The unwanted rain did little to dampen the spirit at the Holley LS Fest 2020 Hoonigan Burnout Challenge. Drivers lined up to earn the crowd's approval and sacrifice rubber to the gods of speed. Corvettes, trucks, and a few very unique builds toasted the hides, and stretched their powerful LS combinations to the rev limiter. The ground was slick but that didn't stop the smoke, and all the drivers delivered exciting–and in a few cases, fiery–performances. We captured the red-hot action in the gallery blow! Click HERE to see it all!

Holley's LS Fest 2020 3S Challenge forces competitors to drag race, corner, and speed stop all in one event. It's a quick and fun one way to prove a car is an extremely well-rounded track machine and is a key shakedown to determine who will become the LS Fest Grand Champion. For full racing action, check out the photo gallery before and check back soon for results.Enter Text Here

CLICK HERE for 3s photos and coverage

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