Holley LS Fest 2020 Official Results

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Holley LS Fest 2020 Official Results

10 min read

Holley LS Fest 2020 is in the books. As always, the amount of LS-enthusiasts that filled the stands, staging lanes, and black top of Beech Bend raceway was staggering. Despite mother nature delivering a few wet days, the event went off without a hitch and still packed in tons of exciting racing and automotive fun. Below are all of the event results form LS 2020.


LS Fest Drag Racing Results

Racing action was cut short by a dousing of rain, but qualifying results and a full gallery of Friday and Saturday morning qualifying action is available.

Click HERE to see all of the drag racing from LS Fest 2020

The LS Fest Grand Champion competition is divided into three classes, Late-model, Vintage, and Truck and the competition is fierce. Vehicles compete on the autocross, 3S challenge course, and drag strip to take home top honors. The 2020 LS Fest Grand Champions were:

Vintage Class: Josh Leisinger 299.00 1964/Chevy/Corvette

Late-Model: Eric Fleming 288.00 points 2006/Chevy/Corvette

Truck: Jason Brady 247.00 points, 1970/Chevy/Blazer

Holley LS Fest Autocross Results

The autocross was a tight race with competitors competing in the rain and the dry and proving that LS-powered cars have every business zinging through corners with ease. The following drivers took top honors in the autocross with an all-Corvette podium.

1st Place: Justin Peachy, 73.017 seconds, 2008/Chevy/Corvette

2nd Place: Josh Leisinger, 73.882 seconds, 1964/Chevy/Corvette

3rd Place: Eric Fleming, 74.462 seconds, 2006/Chevy/Corvette

Drifting and the LS engine go together like peas and carrots and the high-revin', tire-smokin' drift machines at LS Fest were a testament to that fact. The highly competitive field hung their tails out on the track all weekend pluming atomized tires in their wake. Drivers fought through dry and wet surfaces and delivered a spectacular show for LS Fest spectators. Here are your official, LS-Fest 2020 drift winners:

First Place: Dirk Stratton

Second Place Kyle Wood

Third Place: Jonathan Hurst

CLICK HERE for full drift coverage and photos


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