Holley MoParty 2021: Grand Champion

10 min read

Holley MoParty 2021: Grand Champion

10 min read

Participation at Holley MoParty varies depending on your desire. Want to come in, relax, and see the sights? Enter the show and shine, fold out some chairs, and enjoy the views. Feel like driving? Drag racing, autocross, and the Burnout Challenge all beckon you to come out and play. But what if you want to do nothing but drive all weekend long? That's where the Grand Champion program comes in, because that's where you get the most time behind the wheel! MoParty participants who sign up for Grand Champion compete in three events:

  • Drag Race
  • Autocross
  • 3S Challenge

So long as you have DOT-legal tires with a treadwear rating of 200 or higher, and you meet the safety criteria, you are ready to participate. The main thing: you will remain on that one set of tires throughout the weekend...so smoking burnouts, grinding the sidewalls off in the corners, and flat-spotting the front tires to death while sliding to a stop in the box during the 3S Challenge isn't exactly advised. In fact, the only way you're getting a new tire is if you have something like a blowout or other catastrophic failure. Meet that criteria, and the track is yours, with the clock your main adversary. Here are the winners from this year's MoParty...will you come out next year and throw down the gauntlet?

Click here to see the full USCA Results Page!

NOTE: We apologize that we weren’t able to get the Autocross and Grand Champion results out in the traditional way that our participants are used to. USCA has been working with us to develop a link housing all of our event results. We’ll be moving to this method of results sharing going forward. This is going to greatly reduce the amount of time it took us to get results up in the past and allows us to better service our participants. Thanks for your patience and we’ll see you at our next Holley event!

Late Model:

MoParty21 GCLM P2 - John Brown

First Place - John Brown, 2016 Dodge Challenger

MoParty21 GCLM P2

Second Place - Jerry Mathis

MoParty21 GCLM P3 - Anthony Prior

Third Place - Anthony Prior, 1992 Dodge Spirit ES

Note: John Brown and Jerry Mathis wound up tied, with a score of 292 points each. In the event of a points tie, the fastest autocross time is the tie-breaker. Brown's 40.199 lap beat out Mathis's 44.219 lap to take the victory.


MoParty21 GCV P1 - Kurt Chenoweth

First Place - Kurt Chenoweth, 1970 Dodge Challenger

MoParty21 GCV P2 - Mitch Lelito

Second Place - Mitch Lelito

MoParty21 GCV P3 - David Kruk

Third Place - David Kruk, 1970 Dodge Coronet


MoParty21 GCT P1 - Greg Huizenga

First Place - Greg Huizenga, 1975 Jeep Cherokee

MoParty21 GCT P2 - Ryan Davis

Second Place - Ryan Davis, 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T

MoParty21 GCT P3 - James Phipps

Third Place - James Phipps, 1988 Dodge Ram D150


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