Holley's MoParty 2023 - Registration Is Now Live!


Holley's MoParty 2023 - Registration Is Now Live!


The rolling hills of Bowling Green are calling Mopar fans once again! Holley's MoParty returns to Beech Bend for a weekend of racing action, show field relaxation, burnout contest delinquency, a swap meet to hunt for parts, and more! Ever since we kicked off MoParty back in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, we've seen more and more Mopar fans check out the show to see what is going on and we invite you to do the same! Whether you prefer the old-school Hemi and Wedge bassline, love the yowling howl of a Viper V-10, or the sinister shriek of the blower that's force-feeding a Hellcat, we've got something for you. We've got a great mix of things for you to enjoy this year, so read on to see what we have in store for you!

Grand Champion Competition, Sponsored By Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center, Trans Am, and Mopar Connection Magazine

Want to prove that you and your car rules every aspect of competition at MoParty? Prove it! The Grand Champion competition will score drivers in drag racing, autocross and the 3S Challenge in three classes:

  • Late Model (1990-newer cars)
  • Vintage (1989-older cars)
  • Truck (All trucks and SUVs regardless of year)

Only one driver is allowed per entered vehicle. Multiple drivers and vehicle sharing is not allowed. Dodge Rampage, Plymouth Scamp (L-body), and any other coupe-utility style vehicles will be treated as a car in their respective categories. Helmet use is required, and helmets must have a Snell sticker of SA2015 or later...motorcycle helmets are NOT allowed! Tires must be DOT-legal, have a minimum treadwear rating of 200, and must be the same set throughout competition. Tire changes will be allowed for catastrophic failure but must be of the same manufacturer and model approved during tech inspection.

NOTE: Grand Champion is limited to the first 125 entrants, so don't delay, register today!


Drag Racing, Sponsored By DiabloSport and Mopar Action Magazine

Beech Bend Raceway's beautiful quarter-mile dragstrip is going to be the home of the heavyweights of Mopar power. Wedge, Hemi, Turbo, Gen III and Hellcat are going to be prowling up the starting line, looking for a fight. What's your flavor? Do you like the early 1960s Race Hemi style Coronets? Pro Stock-era Hemi 'Cudas or even Daytonas? Maybe the late-model Challenger 1320 and SRT Demon are more your flavor. No matter what you are waiting to see, you'll see it unleash every ounce of power when the Christmas tree starts lighting the green bulbs! Old or new, regardless of which set of wheels are putting the power to the ground, we want you to come out and put your car down the track! We've seen everything from nitro-swilling supercharged Hemi 'Cudas to some of the most evil front-drive Turbo 2.2-powered front-drivers add heat to the competition. We don't care if you've got a big-block farm truck with a set of slicks bolted on or if you've lost your marbles and have plumbed a nitrous system into a Dodge Intrepid you bought off of Craigslist. If it passes tech, we'll find you a class to race in!

The racing classes for MoParty 2023 include:

  • Super Shops Grudge Test-n-Tune
  • MSD Hemi Super Stock (SS/A, SS/B, SS/C, SS/D, SS/E, SS/F)
  • Hemi Outlaw
  • TorqStorm Mopar Rumble
  • Street King
  • Vintage Stock/Super Stock (1/8th Mile)
  • Nostalgia Super Stock
  • Mighty Mopars Pro (1/8th Mile)
  • Mighty Mopars Super Pro (1/8th Mile)
  • Jeff Smith Memorial 1320 Shootout
  • Hellcat/RedEye/Demon Challenge
  • Cam Motion True Street
  • Stick Shift Shootout

Autocross, Sponsored By Hurst and Stacey David's Gearz

MoParty's autocross is designed to highlight all of the handling aspects of your Mopar. Featuring hairpins, chicanes, sweepers, and slaloms, our autocross will keep 100% of the driver's focus from start to finish. The Autocross package includes access to the Beech Bend autocross course and the 3S Challenge course on Sunday, as well as the Dyno Challenge, the Countryside Cruise, and the Car Show. And you will have plenty of track time on hand over the weekend!

Note: Autocross registration is limited to the first 125 vehicles, so don't delay, register today!


3S Challenge, Sponsored By B&M and Hemmings

"3S Challenge"? That's right...Speed, Stop and Steering. If you want to win in this event, you and your Mopar better have a good handle on all three aspects if you want to win. This event is run in a side-by-side down-and-back course that starts with a drag race-style start, incorporates a 180-degree turnaround, a slalom, and ends at a stop box. Each "run" will take the total time from a driver's left and right-side run plus any penalties accumulated. All runs must be clean, too...which means that if you want your time to count, you can't hit a cone. You wouldn't hit a poor, defenseless little orange cone, would you?


Jeep Obstacle Course And Showcase, Sponsored By ADS Racing Shocks

Whether you're competing or you rolled in through the gates with something you don't mind getting dirty in, MoParty's Off-Road section is for you! That's right, if you showed up in your Ram, Jeep, AMC Eagle, or anything else you want to take off of the beaten path, you will be able to! We will have an off-road short course, as well as a slow, technical off-road section. You also won't want to miss the Hooptie X Challenge that the Gambler 500 crew put on. If you think you're brave off-road, just wait until you see what timed competition in cheap vehicles looks like. If you just want to flex on the competition literally, we will have an RTI ramp on hand to prove who has the suspension travel to beat all. And if you just want to park your off-roader, we will have an Off-Road Showcase where the Holley staff will judge them for door prizes and random fun awards!

We are busy behind the scenes with some off-road items that are still being prepared for MoParty 2023. Stay tuned to MoParty.com for more details to come.


Burnout Challenge, Sponsored By Super Shops

Super Shops' Burnout Challenge

Calling all tire-smoke craving, violent-driving deviants who want nothing more than to set the tires ablaze: welcome home! Super Shops' Burnout Challenge is the place where we will let you off of the chain. We just have a few easy rules for you to follow: you get sixty seconds and you have to stay in the area of Beech Bend's oval track we've marked off for the fun. After that? Give it hell. We don't want to see you do a standstill burnout like you did in the high-school parking lot when you first got your license. We want tip-ins, we want donuts, we want whatever you have in your bag of tricks that'll give your driven tires the Viking funeral they deserve. Welcome to the Coliseum...the crowd will determine your fate. It is up to you to win them over.

You MUST be a registered MoParty participant to register for the Super Shops' Burnout Challenge! If you are up for the challenge, select "Yes" on your registration form. If you miss that chance, you can sign up on the Alternate sheet, posted at the Holley trailer!

General Lee Launch, Presented By Flowmaster and The Kibbe And Friends Show

Searing orange paint. Saddle tan interior. Vector wheels. Black pushbar. "01" painted on the door and enough infamy that every highly-respected officer of the law in a three-state radius wants that car impounded forever. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the one and only General Lee is returning to raise hell in Warren County for the weekend! Stunt driver Jamey Smith will bring the General Lee, and wherever that orange Charger goes, you can guarantee there's at least one or two period-correct Dodge Monaco or Plymouth Fury cop cars in hot pursuit.

You can expect to see Smith pull all sorts of stunts with the General, from drifting and sliding away from the pursuing officers of the law, to skiing the big B-body on two wheels with grace. But we know what you are wanting to see: you came to see a Dodge taking flight. There's no CGI here, folks. Last year, Smith launched the car 130-odd feet into the oval track and flew it as high as the "Holley" billboard next to the dragstrip tower. The crowd went insane, the photographers had a field day. And what's more, the General drove out of the oval under it's own power! We don't even know what Smith has up his sleeve for this year, but trust us, it will be worth it!

Car Show, Sponsored By Hooker BlackHeart and Mopar Collector's Guide Magazine

Is there anything more relaxing that a great car show? MoParty just wouldn't be the same without a place where you can see all of the colors that Chrysler Corporation saw fit to paint their performance beauties in! Relax and take in the fields full of cars and trucks that will show up and show off. The only unbreakable rule is that there needs to be a Mopar powerplant in the engine bay, so if you've got a Foxbody Mustang with a blown Hemi poking through the hood, relax, you're all good!

Like last year, Holley will be curating a celebrity panel composed of industry professionals, influencers, and content creators who will be responsible for assigning car show awards. Each individual will be assigned a class specific to their focus, and the Holley crew will be picking their favorites as well.

  • A-body - 1963 to 1976 (Dart, Duster, Valiant, early Barracuda, etc.)
  • B-body - 1962 to 1979 (Coronet, Savoy, Satellite, Charger, Road Runner, Cordoba, GTX, Magnum, etc.)
  • E-body - 1970 to 1974 (Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda)
  • FMJ body - 1976 to 1989 RWD vehicles. Includes 1976-1980 Aspen/Volare, 1977-1989 Diplomat/Gran Fury/5th Avenue, and 1980-1983 Mirada/Cordoba/Imperial
  • LX - Any late-model car built after 2000
  • Stock - Any Mopar built before 1996 with less than five bolt-on modifications
  • Modified - Any Mopar built before 1996
  • Truck and SUV - Open to pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles (Ram, D/W Series, Ramcharger/Trailduster, Jeep, LCF/Big Horn, etc.)
  • AMC - Any American Motors product built between 1954 and 1988

In addition, special awards will be determined and announced on-site, including Odd-ball, Holley Pick, Kid's Call and Best of Show. Best of Show winner will take home a $500 check and a MoParty jacket!


Swap Meet, Sponsored By Stephens Performance And Weiand

Got a pile of parts that you are ready to unload? Want to move that project car on...or maybe you are hoping to find your next project car? The swap meet is the place to check out. Why bother scouting through online ads, not knowing what to expect and dealing with the hassle of bad buyers, worse sellers and horrible communication, when you can see what you want right in front of your very eyes and talk with the seller? Everything from OEM parts to whole cars and memorabilia can be found here, so whether you are looking to sell or to buy, you won't want to miss the swap meet!


The Mullet Contest, Sponsored By Mr. Gasket Co.

Y'all can't get enough of the Kentucky Waterfall, so once again we're bringing back the Mullet Contest! Business in the front, party in the back, and if you're lucky, a prize in the hand! We have four classes we will be judging this year:

  • Best Fake Mullet - Not everyone can grow those luscious locks, but anyone can sure buy 'em!
  • Best Real Mullet - Let that glorious hair flow free in the wind!
  • "Trashiest Mullet" - It's something that has to be seen to be believed!
  • Young Mullets - Sixteen or younger and rocking the Mississippi Mudflap? We've got a class for you too!

Dyno Challenge, Sponsored By American Muscle Performance

You know the published horsepower numbers by heart. But do you really know what your Mopar is putting down at the tire? Old or new, bring your ride down to the Dyno Challenge! Any registered participant (excepting off-road) can have their vehicle measured for power and torque by the fine folks at Redline Motorsports. Sign-up is first-come, first-served. If you laid down the first, second or third-best horsepower number for either a naturally-aspirated engine or one with a power adder, we will have a prize waiting for you!


Countryside Cruise, Sponsored By Accel and Hagerty

There's nothing like hitting the roads of Kentucky in your ride and seeing the sights. The Countryside Cruise will allow participants the chance to take a break from the action at the track and to hit the road for a bit. In addition, a digital scavenger hunt will be offered. Those who want to take part will get a map and a list of check-off items that must be photographed as they cruise the pre-planned route. Find all of the items and have the pictures to prove it? You will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 Holley product certificate at the Holley trailer!


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