Holley's Rolling Test Bed '74 Chevelle Wagon Runs in the 10s with a Stock Block and Holley EFI

By: Todd Veney | 07/11/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home
Would someone actually attempt to make a stock-block '74 Chevy Chevelle wagon run in the 10s? Tim Grillot and the team from Holley would – they did. Instead of seeing another long-forgotten kid-toting grocery getter from the Gas Crunch era, they envisioned the 4,600-pound behemoth's potential as a platform to showcase Holley's all-new LS turbo manifolds. By the time Grillot and crew were done, the two-ton beast was making more than 900 horsepower at the rear wheels.
A rolling test bed for Holley Performance components and a fun project collaborated on by numerous Holley personnel, it all started when Holley President and CEO Tom Tomlinson found the car, which had just 43,000 miles on it, in Colorado. He challenged Grillot to get the car to run in the 11-second zone at the drag strip. Grillot upped the ante – he got it in the 10s.

Dominator EFI ECU, fuel rails, injectors, pressure regulator, Hooker LS turbo manifolds, Holley accessory-drive kit, brushless VR1 fuel pump , HydraMat fuel-reservoir system, and Earl's plumbing. A Holley EFI digital dash kept Grillot appraised of all the engine's vitals when he took the car to Beech Bend Raceway Park in Holley's hometown of Bowling Green, Ky., to see what it could to on the track.

LS turbo manifolds and crossover tubes will bolt right on your car."
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