HOT ROD Drag Week Day 5 Finale

10 min read

HOT ROD Drag Week Day 5 Finale

10 min read

The cat is in the bag and the road trip/race of the year has come to an end back where it began at US 131 Motorsports Park. The fearless group of competitors gave it their all–now they can finally take a nap!

The overall win in the unlimited class goes to Dave Schroeder, who piloted his freshly built 2019 Corvette to an average time of 6.793 at 198.08 mph! Not only is that insanely fast, the car also tackled the required distance between tracks, and pulled that average for five, whole days!

Second place goes to the most unlikely of vehicles, a 1987 Volvo 240 wagon, driven by Mikeal Borggren. The flying brick, delivered a truly spectacular performance with a 7.259 at 192.44 mph average. Take a look at the full results at the link below and keep scrolling for some additional highlights from the 2021 event.

HOT ROD DRAG WEEK 2021 Final Results and Winners

Brandon Miller's boat of a Monte Carlo cranked the wheels every pass, all week long.

Clark Lamb knocked out another Drag Week in his 10-second '68 Barracuda.

It took hard work and perseverance–and more than a few hours with a wrench– but Dave Schroeder's freshly built 2019 Corvette achieved an average time of 6.793 at 198.08 mph for the 2021 Drag Week Win.

Emilee Ballard was pushing her Camaro all week, striving for her first 8.5x pass. She finally got it Friday going 8.54@160mph.

Bryant Goldstone had a solid running all week in his twin-turbo, big-block AMC. He held the #2 overall and unlimited class spot for much of the event. Unfortunately, something mechanical let go, putting fluid under the tires and causing the car to veer into the wall and flip on its roof. Luckily he was not injured and is said to be rebuilding already.

Clark Rosenstengel had engine issues followed by charging issues on Monday and dropped out of competition. But he came back to the track Friday to make a few 7 second passes and try for that 200mph time slip.

Lon Tibbs' "Mtn Dew" twin-turbo, LS-powered Mustang ready for lift off on a solidly prepped track.


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