How to Set Up Warnings On a Holley EFI Digital Dash

By: Todd Veney08/06/2019 < Back to Blog Home

Follow along with Holley EFI's Adam Layman in this short, informative video as he shows you, step by step, exactly how to set up custom warnings on Holley EFI's powerful, easy-to-use Digital Dash. He uses low oil pressure in this example and teaches you how to create a huge, impossible-to-miss warning message with your own customized warning.

First, click on an empty spot on the screen – somewhere not over a gauge. Then, click on "add gauge" and select "oil pressure" from the exhaustive drop-down menu. Choose a font size as big or small as you like but big enough that you're sure not to miss it. You can go as small as 5 or as large as 240. Type in your message, in this case "Low Oil Pressure," and if you have a USB-connected keyboard, the job is even easier – just plug it right into the USB port in your dash.

You can turn the transparency all the way down so you'll only see the message when there really is a problem with your oil pressure. You can even customize the colors – have it turn yellow when the pressure dips below 15 PSI, for example, and red if it drops to 8 PSI. You can even set it up to flash, so there's no way it will escape your attention. That's all there is to it – it really is just that simple.

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