Introducing The NOS Moonshot: The Most Powerful Nitrous Plate On The Planet

Author: Evan Perkins | 04/01/2021 < Back to Motor Life Home

At NOS, we're no stranger to big shots of nitrous, topnotch controllers, high-flow solenoids, and all of the other race-grade tech that puts drag racers in the winner circle every race weekend. Nitrous plates, big and small, are our bread and butter! After the unveiling of our Crosshair plates, which pack 2 stages into one compact piece, we got to thinking: "Why stop at 2 stages?" Well, to fuel our hunger for more power, quicker elapsed times, and an underlying thirst to stay the top dog nitrous manufacturer, we set to work building the most capable nitrous plate system in the known universe–maybe beyond. Meet the NOS Moonshot!

Meet the NOS "Leaning Tower of Power!" 20 nitrous stages, 3,500 potential horsepower and an overall aesthetic that owns the starting line.

Fresh off the CNC machine, the new Moonshot plate combines the high-power functionality of the NOS Crosshair plate, with the outright power potential of 20 individual nitrous stages! The Moonshot (PN OMG3500HP-NOS) is available in 4150 or 4500 combinations and can deliver up to 3500hp to drop your quarter-mile time by at least 5 seconds. That's right, five, whole, face-melting seconds fall right off your time slip to illuminate win lights and bruise egos in the other lane.

Of course, adding this much power potential to your racecar takes a little bit of prep work. For this reason we recommend upgrading the fuel system to a Holley VR2 series fuel pump, which can support 4,400 horsepower, enough to easily provide for the engine on and off nitrous. Holley also recommends making sure your safety gear is up to spec, such as verifying your roll cage, helmet, and race suit are in line with current SFI and NASA high altitude requirements before launching on your Apollo mission drag strip pass.

We chose this 1989 Honda Civic hatchback as our testbed to to receive the full Moonshot treatment.

Feeding 3,500 horsepower worth of nitrous into an engine takes a series delivery system. To solve that problem, each Moonshot kit includes a 50lb nitrous bottle, grade 8, reinforced carburetor studs, and NOS's largest solenoids yet. The soda-can-sized solenoids utilize a whopping -16AN (1 inch) feed line for maximum nitrous and fuel flow. While an incredibly potent combination, the system does require refilling after each pass.

These new big-boy solenoids from NOS are the perfect solution for mega-sized nitrous stages. They utilize -16 (1 inch) fittings for extreme flow potential.

If you're ready to transform you boring big block, sluggish small block or lame-o LS engine into a grudge-race, giggle-gas grenade, look no further than the NOS Moonshot. And have a happy April 1st from your friends at Holley.

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