LS Fest 2018 – Day 1

By: Todd Veney | 09/07/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Cars poured into sprawling multipurpose motorsports facility Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Ky., from around the country for the biggest and best LS Fest yet. The drag racing staging lanes were packed with cars making test runs to gear up for racing later in the weekend and the oval track was covered in billowing tire smoke and the sound of screeching tires clawing for traction throughout the day as drivers honed their skills for the autocross and drift competition to come.

Fans were stacked up 20-deep in 10 side-by-side-by-side lines waiting to get their hands on Holley LS Fest merchandise – especially the incredibly popular T-shirts that were flying off the shelves for just $10 apiece. It wasn't just classic Camaros and the latest Corvettes thrilling the crowds; hot rods of every description prowled the grounds all day and gearheads young and old surrounded them for a better look in the pits. Chevettes, Ford Mustangs, topless Jeeps, a Jaguar, a Ferrari, Volkswagens, three-wheeled trikes – anything and everything you can imagine hit the tracks all day. Around the corner, proud car owners lined up to have pictures of their prized rides snapped and uploaded by the Holley staff, while in the background the roar powerful engines straining to make every last bit of horsepower on the chassis dyno filled the air and set the mood for the weekend.

Across town on the challenging National Corvette Museum's twin road courses, drivers screamed around the track, working on their lap times before heading back to scenic Beech Bend, where the action never stopped all day. To get away from all the on-track action, fans jammed one of the best manufacturers midways in all of motorsports, getting first-hand tips and information from the industry leaders themselves and families headed up the hill to Beech Bend's amusement park, which was open to LS Fest fans all day for just $10.