Life's Good: Bill Alvis' Wild Blown Nitrous S-10

By: Todd Veney | 01/15/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Bill Alvis finished his outrageous S-10 the Wednesday night before LS Fest, drove it around for eight miles to make sure there were no leaks or obvious mechanical problems, and loaded it up for the two-hour trip from his Eddyville, Ky., home to Bowling Green. "I must be an idiot, I know," he joked about the decision to unveil the supercharged, nitrous-fed beast at such a prestigious event.

The short-block came straight out of his very understanding wife's '06 GTO. "She gets it," said Alvis, whose entire engine will eventually find its way into a rat rod truck he's building with his 15-year-old son. "I guess you could say we're a gearhead family." The entire engine bay of the little truck is loaded with Holley products, starting with a complete Super Sniper 4500 EFI system and an NOS Big Shot nitrous system. Alvis also runs a Weiand blower, LS-style power steering pump and pulleys, a Holley fuel cell EFI pump-module assembly, an EFI pressure regulator, a billet fuel filter, Holley LS retro oil pan, and an MSD LS Series ignition box.

Alvis, who runs Tweakn' Performance and has never missed an LS Fest since the inaugural event in 2010, has owned the insanely overpowered truck for about 15 years and has had more powerplants than he can remember between the frame rails. He's drag raced it, auto-crossed it, loves its old-school loping idle, and says his Holley EFI system is already paying dividends. "On the second run it ever made with this setup, the fuel pump didn't work right and the whole motor could have blown up," he said. "Even with the super-conservative tune, it definitely would have blown up without the Holley EFI to save me. It kicked in, dumped a ton of fuel in it, and saved my engine."

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