Make Maximum Power With Holley Universal Throttle Bodies

By: Todd Veney | 08/08/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
If you’re building a high-performance or multi-point fuel injection system for your engine, look no further than Holley for your next throttle body. Holley's developed a complete line of universal-style throttle bodies that are a perfect fit for your street or race engine, everything from 1000 CFM all the way up to the massive 2550 CFM unit. Holley engineers went back to the drawing board to bring you the ultimate in air valves for your hot rod’s powerplant. Universal 4150 and 4500 throttle bodies are CNC-machined from billet aluminum and use a progressive throttle linkage system for more precise throttle response and improved drivability. The throttle shafts are offset in relationship to the throttle plates, which allows engine vacuum to assist with throttle plate closure for added control and increased safety. Choose one of our 1000 CFM units with a 4150 flange, or double the air flow with our 2000 CFM version designed for use on Dominator 4500 intakes. If it's power you crave, there’s no match for Holley’s new "Big Dual" EFI throttle bodies. Designed specifically for intakes with the Dominator 4500 bolt pattern, they're right at home on even the largest cubic-inch engines. These CNC-machined billet throttle bodies are packed full of features that you’ll find only on top-of-the-line units. Instead of four throttle bores, "Big Duals" utilize gigantic twin throttle blades for maximum airflow. The throttle shafts ride on full roller bearings for ultra-smooth throttle action, and the throttle levers are "indexable" for precision tuning. Non-contact magnetic TPS sensors offer you the same technology used by top Pro Stock and ARCA teams. Best of all, Holley Big Dual universal throttle bodies are available with or without provisions for four supplemental injectors and supporting fuel rails. Whether you’re running a big cam engine, sporting a supercharger, or spooling a massive turbo, these billet beauties are more than capable of providing all the air your engine craves.
See complete details for the Universal 4BBL 1000CFM 4150 Flange Throttle Body (part number 112-588).
See complete details for the Universal 4BBL 1000CFM 4150 Flange Throttle Body (part number 112-587).
See complete details for the Universal Race Series Throttle Body (part number 112-602).
See complete details for the Universal 4BBL Billet 1000 CFM 4150 Flange Throttle Body (part number 112-577).
See complete details for the 2000 CFM Dominator Flange Throttle Body (part number 112-578).
See complete details for the 2550 CFM Dominator Flange “Big Dual” Throttle Body w/ EFI Fuel Rails (part number 112-592).
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