Matt Field Podiums In His New Holley EFI Powered Corvette at Formula Drift Jersey!

By: Blane Burnett | 06/22/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home
At Formula Drift RD4 in Wall, New Jersey, Matt Field earned his first podium with his new Holley EFI-powered Corvette. Field took second overall in a giant field of 32 cars with one smooth drive after another, winning four straight head-to-head battles before falling to reigning series champion James Deane in the final. Field's Vette utilizes a aluminum block and heads CBM built LSX engine which displaces 427 cubic inches. As if that wasn't enough to get the tires spinning, a Vortech supercharger and nitrous bring additional fun to the party. The combination adds up to a lofty 1,050 horsepower that is available for Matt to translate to the tarmac through his right foot. The engine is controlled by Holley's Dominator EFI system, a standalone engine management system that is responsible for controlling air/fuel mixture, drive-by-wire throttle control, as well as progressively administering the laughing gas as it enters the engine. Earl's Ultra Pro hose and hose ends supply fuel and other fluids throughout the vehicle. The podium performance couldn't have come at a better time for Field. The brand new Vette build replaced Field's previous FD competition Nissan S14 for 2018, bringing with it a familiarization process. At round three Road Atlanta, the car and driver suffered an impact in the rear and the crew put in extra hours to get back the Vette back on track. Field brought out his newly repaired Corvette back out and laid down a score of 89 during his first qualifying run at the Wall, putting to bed any question of whether the car was ready to throw down in competition. Coming back around for run two, Matt made some needed corrections and solidified his place in the Top 32 competition with a score of 92. Head-to-head battles commenced and Field continued laying down run after run and advanced through the top sixteen, great eight, and ended up giving the nod to worthy Irish competitor James Deane in his 2JZ powered Nissan S15.