More Energy For Your Late Model Ford Car or Truck

By: Sean B. | 07/23/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home

You might already know that ACCEL SuperCoils produce 10-15% more energy, but did you know that this leads to better throttle response and maximum fuel efficiency. When more energy reaches your spark plug, you get a more complete burn of the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, which means less wasted fuel. ACCEL #140061 - V6 Ford Edge (2007-2013) Ford Explorer (2011-2013) Ford F-150 (2011-2012) Ford Flex (2009-2013) Ford Fusion (2010-2012) Ford Mustang (2011-2013) Ford Taurus (2008-2013) Ford Taurus X (2008-2009) Lincoln MKS (2009-2013) Lincoln MKT (2010-2013) Lincoln MKX (2007-2013) Lincoln MKZ (2007-2013) Mercury Sable (2008-2009) ACCEL #140060 - V8 Ford F-150 (2011-2013) Ford Mustang (2011-2013) So get yourself some ACCEL SuperCoils and start seeing better performance from your Ford car or truck