Mr. Gasket Releases Top Dead Center Checkers, Tools & Soft Tool Cases

By: Todd Veney | 09/12/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley is pleased to announce the release of a large assortment of handy new tools to make your vehicle easier and more fun to work on – top dead center checkers, a huge array of new tools, and soft tool cases to contain them. 


Mr. Gasket Top Dead Center Checkers are a fast, easy way to determine top dead center on virtually any engine. Compatible with both 14mm and 18mm threaded spark plug holes and perfect for leak-down tests, timing-chain replacement, and distributor installation, they whistle on the compression stroke and stop whistling at approximately top dead center.


Mr. Gasket's ever-expanding line of handy shop tools now includes six new additions – oxygen-sensor sockets, pulley holders, flywheel wrenches, automatic-locking ratchets, hose/seal/cotter-pin tools, and gasket scrapers. The 3/8-drive 7/8-inch oxygen-sensor sockets feature an offset design perfect for getting to hard-to-reach areas and a cutaway side to clear sensor wires. The pulley holder is ideal for camshaft, crankshaft, and power-steering pulleys with an adjustable jaw that opens anywhere from 1/4-inch all the way to 7/8-inch and a long handle for maximum leverage. Compatible with both flexplates and flywheels, the flywheel wrench holds spring tension on the flywheel, allowing you to use both hands to work on your clutch, transmission, or anything else that requires the crankshaft to remain in a certain position. The automatic-locking ratchet is a fast, easy way to pinch a hose shut, eliminating the need to drain liquids, and is perfect for vacuum lines, fuel lines, and coolant lines. Angled for increased leverage, the hose/seal/cotter-pin tool has a pointed tip for picking seals or cotter pins and a hanger hole in the handle for easy storage. And finally, the gasket scraper features an extra-wide tip for faster scraping and is equally effective on carbon deposits.


Mr. Gasket Soft Tool Cases make it simple to keep all the tools for any specific chore easy to find and all consolidated in one place. They're 14x8.5x9-inch in size, feature eight inside pockets, eight outside pockets, oversized zippers, comfortable padded handles, and can transport up to 65 pounds of equipment wherever you go.

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