Mr. Gasket Unveils Complete Line of Header Gaskets

By: Todd Veney | 05/15/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of a complete line of Mr. Gasket header gaskets for everything from daily drivers to all-out race cars and everything in between. Performance Series header gaskets are a huge upgrade from ordinary OE gaskets. Precision die-cut for exact fitment, they're manufactured from a special large-fiber material bonded by a heat-resistant compound and provide maximum torque retention to eliminate gasket failure. They're ideal for mildly modified street applications and provide an air-tight seal and years of trouble-free service. Ultra Seal gaskets are made of a special high-temperature graphite-impregnated facing and a steel-expanded metal core that conforms to warped flanges for an airtight, leak-proof seal. Ideal for competition use, these durable anti-stick gaskets won't crack or deteriorate from excessive heat and pressure. They deliver maximum heat resistance and thermal conductivity to pull heat away from the cylinder head and can be trimmed into an infinite number of configurations to meet your exact specifications. Ultra Seal gaskets mask minor surface irregularities, don't break down under heat cycles, and are perfect for high-performance street applications, oval-track racing, and drag racing. Aluminum Layered gaskets don’t shrink, deteriorate, or blow out. They're a full eighth of an inch thick and made of "dead soft" aluminum layers that compress down to .060'' for a perfect seal. Developed for drag racing and oval-track competition, their one-of-a-kind design features slotted mounting bolt holes for pinpoint gasket placement that makes installation infinitely easier because they fit perfectly over the exhaust ports with no modifications required. The slotted bolt holes also spare you the hassle of removing the header flange or exhaust manifold entirely from the cylinder head during the install, and they're even reusable. Copper Seal gaskets are track-proven to eliminate leaks. Tough enough to stand up to the demands of even the most powerful cars at the drag strip – nitro-burning Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars – they withstand even the most extreme high temperatures and incorporate a special embossed O-ring design. Perfect for supercharged and turbocharged engines, they also feature slotted end holes for ease of installation.  Multi Layer Steel (MLS) header gaskets are the ultimate gaskets available today, perfect for handling the extreme cylinder pressures of high-horsepower, high-compression, nitrous, supercharged, and turbocharged applications. They feature three layers of stainless steel, resist corrosion, and won't burn through or burn out. Available in oval port, square port, and rectangular port configurations, their stress-formed inner and outer layer embossments distribute the load across the entire sealing area. The inner and outer layer embossments act like springs that rebound under exhaust-flange clamp load, creating maximum force to seal extreme exhaust pressures. They're also impervious to deterioration from the scrubbing action caused by different expansion rates in aluminum and steel that plagues ordinary exhaust gaskets.

See the complete Mr. Gasket exhaust gasket line.

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