MSD's 6CT Ignition Even Works Under Water!

By: Todd Veney | 07/12/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Water and electricity don't mix – usually. With MSD's 6CT ignition, it's not a problem. MSD's new 6CT Circle Track Ignition Box was designed specifically for circle track racers. It's packed full of power and has plenty of great features and technology from the engineers at MSD. Easy-to-use rotary dials make it simple to select between 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engine operation. You can also adjust the built-in starting retard, which has options for 0, 10 degrees, or 20 degrees of timing retard for quick, easy starts that extend the life of your starter. The innovative 6CT displays engine rpm and battery voltage. The rev-limiter is super easy to adjust with just your hands – no chips, modules, or tools are required. It's capable of delivering full spark with as little as 6 volts from the battery. Low current-draw extends the battery life, and features like reverse polarity and overheat protection mean you'll make it to the checkered flag. The tamper-proof housing has a single connector for all the wiring, and it's sealed to protect against muddy tracks and even power-washing. We're so confident, we'll completely submerge in water while the engine runs. Click the play button and see for yourself!

Find complete details on the 6CT ignition here.

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