MSD's New 103mm LS Throttle Body!

By: Ray Frescas | 01/05/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Atomic LS Throttle Body 103mm, PN 2945 FEATURES 1. Parabolic design for precise control, smoother off-idle response and improved part-throttle driveability 2. Billet body with stainless steel shaft 3. Contoured inlet profile outflows the competition's big-bore throttle bodies 4. Robust throttle cam assembly, featuring a three-plate design 5. Dual ball-bearing design offers shaft stability and smoother operation 6. Less shaft twist for superior TPS signal stability 7. 4-bolt mounting for easy installation MSD's New 103mm LS Throttle Body answers the need for a high-flow, cable operated, bolt-on solution! The CNC machined billet aluminum big bore throttle body features a unique parabolic contoured inlet that outflows the competition. Reinforced 3-bolt mounting design and dual ball bearings design lowers shaft twist and increases TPS accuracy for smoother operation of throttle without sacrificing airflow. Can be used with all OE intakes and sensors.

Installation Of The Throttle Body

The Atomic LS 103mm Throttle Body requires installation of an IAC motor and TPS. These are available as PN 2942. Locate the supplied mounting hardware for each unit as well as Blue Loctite. It is recommended to install the IAC motor after mounting the throttle body for better access to the mounting holes. 1. Install the TPS by inserting the D-shaped throttle shaft into the sensor assembly. Gently align the centering dowel and mounting holes. Use a drop of Blue Loctite on the M4x14mm screws and tighten the screws to 16-18 lb-in (Figure 1). 2. Ensure the mating surfaces of the intake and throttle body are clean. Locate the four M6x 25mm bolts and #12 washers. 3. Install the throttle body and seal (required) to the intake manifold using the M6x25mm bolts and washers. Torque the bolts in a criss-cross pattern to 89 lb-in. 4. Locate the two M4x10mm screws to secure the IAC motor. Ensure the O-ring seal is installed on the IAC and put it in place on the throttle body. Use a drop of Blue Loctite on the screws and torque them to the bolts to 25-27 lb-in (Figure 1). 5. Plug in the TPS and IAC motor connectors. Install the air inlet duct and any other sensors that may have been disconnected during the installation. 6. Install the throttle cable in the throttle cam groove. Ensure that the throttle blade moves smoothly and returns to its closed position. WARNING: When installing the Atomic LS Throttle Body, disconnect the battery cables. When disconnecting, always remove the negative cable first and install it last.
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