The Supercharger Project Part I: Distributor

By: Sean B. | 09/21/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Mallory Ignition manufactures the performance products to help you get the most out of your supercharger. It's important to make sure that you aren't bringing all of that air into your engine without providing the right amount of fuel and proper power and timing. The Supercharger Project is here to get you the necessary Mallory products for maximum performance. Distributor Clearance Our S/C Series Unilite and Dual Point distributors feature a flat (crab) cap to provide maximum clearance in those tight fits, for example, under your blower in a supercharged Ford. The distributor bowl also has a smaller diameter to fit in horizontal configurations. Dual Point or Unilite Mallory has a dual point or Unilite breakerless electronic ignition available in the S/C series. The Unilite uses infrared L.E.D. technology to trigger the spark eliminating points that can be worn down over time. The 3-wire hookup offers easy installation even in modified engine configurations. Curve for Supercharged Engines The mechanical advanced curve in our S/C series distributors is factory set at 20° @ 2500 RPM. This setting is important to keep your engine's max curve below the threshold that can be dangerous to your supercharger. The recommended advance setting normally should total between 28° and 32°. A max curve that goes beyond that can lead to a hurt engine. The S/C series distributors reach your max advance quicker, at 2500 RPM, leading to better acceleration and more torque.
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