Timeless Classics: Holley Red, Blue, and Black Vane Fuel Pumps

By: Todd Veney | 07/19/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
You don’t become the most recognized performance fuel pump manufacturer in the world by accident. Iconic red, blue, and black Holley electric fuel pumps have been powering street enthusiasts and putting racing legends in the winner circle since the 1970s. Holley’s timeless pumps feature a durable rotor/vane pump design that is not only more tolerant of contaminated fuels but is easily serviced using convenient rotor-and-vane kits. They're tumble-polished for a true billet look, and the lower housings are designed for optimal fuel flow capability and feature large 3/8” inlet and outlet ports. They also feature a fuel-pressure-relief valve that’s externally accessible for quick adjustment. These electric pumps are a perfect upgrade from your mechanical pump and provide a constant fuel supply with minimal pulsation. The red pump free flows 97 gallons per hour (GPH) while drawing only 2 amps and is capable of supplying a maximum of 7 PSI. Blue pumps can provide 110 GPH free flow at only 3 amps and maintain 14 psi. Black pumps give you 140 GPH free flow drawing only 4 amps and are also able to provide a constant 14 psi of pressure – just remember that any time your fuel pressure exceeds 7 psi you'll need an external regulator. (For blue and black pumps, Holley’s external regulator – part number 12-803 – is a perfect match.) Be sure to use a relay when you install any electric fuel pump – it minimizes voltage drop between your battery and pump for better performance. Holley has put together a convenient relay kit (part number 12-753) that includes a 30-amp relay and relay socket with large 12awg wire leads, as well as an in-line spade fuse and wiring terminals to complete the installation. We also recommend installing a safety pressure switch (part number 12-810) to protect your engine in case a loss of fuel pressure occurs. All three pumps are also available in a marine version that meets U.S. Coast Guard regulations. All three pumps are safe for use with gasoline, but if you want to use methanol for fuel, Holley's black pump is the only way to go.

See complete details for the red pump.

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See complete details for the black pump.

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