Tres Owens’ 2014 Ford Focus ST

By: Flowmaster | 05/01/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

When Tres Owens was on the hunt for his next car, he had many options to consider. Owens was looking for a car that not only could carry his friends, camera gear, and other cargo, but he wanted a car that also possessed a sporty and exciting feel. Ultimately, these criteria led Owens to the purchase of a striking yellow 2014 Ford Focus ST hatchback, a car that could be both practical and economical, but still bring a smile to Owens’ face when the pedal hit the floor. Not long after taking ownership of the car, upgrades came through in the way of a Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back exhaust system, a short-shift kit, aftermarket blow off valve, and a ram-air intake. Owens says these mods have considerably livened up the car, and that he plans to continue to upgrade further down the road as he gets ready to take it to the track this summer. For the time being, Tres enjoys hooning the car through the backroads of Kentucky and using it as a subject in his automotive photography.

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