Tyler Powell's Datsun Fairlady 240 Z06

By: Todd Veney | 09/28/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Answering the question "What would Datsun be doing if they were racing today?" Tyler Powell has brought Corvette-influenced styling to his amazing '72 Datsun 240Z, the "Fairlady Z06." Unveiled earlier this month at LS Fest, the one-of-a-kind beauty is powered by an all-Corvette drivetrain straight out of an '06 Z6 Corvette, a 550-horse LS7 upgraded with an MSD Atomic intake, Holley EFI engine management and Holley throttle body. Powell rebuilt the engine, but straight-line horsepower was never his goal. Fairlady Z06 was built with one thing in mind: superior handling on a autocross. The lightweight machine features hydraulic ride-height-adjustable shocks that can raise the car two inches and slam it back down to the ground and tubular control arms. 

Without body panels, the car weighs in at just 2,250 pounds despite having a full roll cage. Powell knew before he began the build that he wanted LS power, and he built the rest of the car around that, crafting much of his own bodywork, including custom vents and rocker moldings, to make the wide late-model Corvette design work with the original roof panel and cowl of the much narrower Datsun. Future plans call for the fabrication of a custom grille he didn't have time to get done before LS Fest, where it turned heads all weekend – especially, as intended, on the autocross course.

This is just one of many unique, well-engineered and functional vehicles that can be seen at Holley’s LS Fest, whether you attend their East or West coast event. Stay tuned for more video blogs from Larry Chen and Hoonigan in the coming weeks.

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