Universal Wire Set Installation Instructions

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Universal Wire Set Installation Instructions

  1. Remove only one wire at a time. Replace it with a new wire before removing a second wire.
  2. Begin with the longest wire. Then replace the next longest wire, and so forth, ending with the shortest wire.
  3. Select new wire from universal set, using the longest wire in the package first.
  4. Snap spark plug boot onto spark plug and route new wire back through brackets to distributor cap.
  5. Cut off excess spark plug wire length at distributor cap. (See illustration 5.)
  6. Slide distributor boot onto spark plug wire (See illustration 6.)
  7. Strip 5/8” of insulation away from spark plug wire conductor core. Be very careful not to cut or nick the conductor core when stripping away the insulation. (See illustration 7.)
  8. Fold conductor core back along wire. (See illustration 8.)
  9. Put distributor terminal over conductor and crimp into place. (See illustration9.) We recommend the use of ACCEL part no. 170036 or 170037 ignition wire crimping tool.
  10. Push distributor terminal firmly into distributor cap and slide distributor boot onto distributor cap.
  11. Return to step 2 (above) and repeat process for each wire, ending with the coil wire.

Installing H.E.I. Distributor Cap Boots on 8mm Wire Only

Follow steps 1-5 and 7-9 first.

  1. Lightly lubricate the terminal with silicone dielectric grease and slide the wire into the H.E.I. boot
  2. Small amounts of grease may also be applied inside of boots on both spark plug and distributor cap ends. This silicone dielectric grease will prevent corona and arching conditions.
  3. Be sure you have made a good connection in the distributor cap and coil.You should recheck these connections periodically. If connector in distributor cap or coils is gray-green, or appear corroded you may have a poor connection. Poor connections at either the distributor or spark plug ends will cause an arching condition.

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