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Complet Sniper EFI install

By: Stian 04/19/2020

Finally, all components are in place, hyperspark cd box, hyperspark coil and hypespark distributor.

The new ignititionsystem added a new level to spark output that led to some RFI-issues, that has been solved (hot rodding :) )

now in-depth tuning can begin,, and also the final routing and shortening of the harness, all unnecessary in/out puts have been removed and replaced with rubber cavity plugs.

My install of the CD-box on radiator corespsupport migth not be to weel tougth out, after a preassure wash of the car i checked the cd box and there was some water over it.

I migth produce a splash guard somwhere beween the grille and coresupport to aid in deflecting water.

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