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1973 Pontiac Firebird

Formula 455/7.5L V8


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  • Color: Cherry black mica
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    Originally a 400 car, now with a 455 bored 0.60 over (469) with speedpro forged pistons. -TH400 (from 71 caddliac) -Scorpion 1.5 roller rockers, -Comp cam high tech 0.80 wall thickness pushrods, valvesprings, retainers and lashcaps - Holley Sniper 4150 black efi - hyperfuel gastank with in-tank pump - Yukon duragrip 8.5" diff with master install kit, reused 3.42 gearset - Partial speedhut instruments. - Powerbond SFI harmonic balancer and SFI flexplate from prw with ARP fastners and green loctite (permanent this time!) - D.U.I HEI distributor and D.U.I. liwewire sparkplugs, NGK ur4 plugs -Pypes SGF-11 2.5" dual exhaust with x-over - Headman headers 1 3/4" primary. -Aluminium subframebushings (4x)

    Completed Modifications

    Engine Management (ECU) (2)
    Engine Parts (2)

    Future Plans

    TO: -mount 2x aluminum bushings for coresupport , 2x steel upper coresupport bushings. - Various paint repairs 1x dime sized rustbubble by driverside vindow. - Holley hyperspark distributor (just annonced by holley :) and sniper coil - Speedhut speedometer with electric signal adapter to TH400 (and somehow integrate speedsensor into holley sniper for datalogging) - Edelbrock torker II intakemanifold -Repop Ramair aircleaner assembly and rubber boots to connect to hood scoops - A decent set headers with coating and a thick flange ++++++ alot more, will never be 100% done

    Removed Modifications

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    • Henry

      Very nice, i had a 73 400. Love the pontiacs. Wish i still had mine.
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