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Small parts and suspention

By: Stian 09/02/2020

So after driving for a while i decided to add a throttle lever extention to the sniper throttlebody, this solved the "nervous" gas pedal.

Also installed earl's vaporgard gauge adapter and a marshall 1/8" thread fuel pressure gauge 0-100, after cheking i had about 73 psi. This is a little above what i feel comfortable with, and seeing as holley at the time i out of stock on spare pressure regulators for the sniper 4150 series, i decided to tinker with mine.

A test was made to check returnline restriction by running a straigth earl's vaporguard fitting with 4 feet of vaporguard hose straigth into a jerry can.

pressure gauge now showed about 70-71 psi, so a restriction of about 2 psi.

Found out that if you compress the thin metal in centre of the regulator you increase pressure and using an o-ring pick lifting the center section of the regulator you lower the pressure.

after about 5-6 tries i landed rigth on 58 psi, and called it good, but the o-ring for the regulator has swelled a lot. it was nessesary to source a new 45 mm o-ring to secure the regulator housing making it seal again.

A 4-hole spacer was mounted to reduce IAC-noise, this eliminated all IAC-niose.

A 1/4" aircleaner spaver was added as the clerance from the lid to throttlebody was fairly low, this seems to quiet down injector noise some from inside the car, and a few more KPA of vacuumwas gained, a small retune of iac position was needed.

I have also pressed out the lower balljoints and pressed new moog ball joints in, upper balljoints also got changed with pro-forge ones.

Bilstein B6 shocks front an back and also installed new Ridetech dual rate coilsprings with metro isolators on top, replacing the bady installed eibach springs that where not centerd in springpockets on both sides.

This neccesitated a round with a crowbar bending the springpocket fingers back into position to correctly seat the spring.

A noticable improvment in ride quality and noise reduction.

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