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2007 Mustang GT - All out build!

By: Andrew 05/13/2020

Many in the community know my story.

In short, I bought this Mustang new in 07, and my wife and I were married in 08. It wasn’t long after that I was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent years on the edge of death.

Having survived, my awesome wife agreed we should make a dream build happen, and so, with the help of some awesome companies extending discounts on parts, we are nearing debut of one of the most detailed S197 builds to date. It certainly hasn’t been easy, given my continued health battles, but I have an amazing family behind me, and a fantastic community of Mustang enthusiasts along the way that have given me continued guidance on this journey.

Life is a blessing...your life is a blessing...please never forget that. It can all change so very quickly. I’m thrilled that we now get to share our progress and story with the world.

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