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Vortec Distributor

By: Pat 05/15/2020

A couple of weeks ago I replaced the factory distributor with a new Summit Racing Vortec Distributor.

When I took the old one out I could not believe my eyes.

I knew the upper bearing was bad as I could move the head that the rotor attaches to back and forth about 3/8" of an inch~!

But, when I pulled it out and saw the drive gear on the distributor I was even more surprised.

The top end of the gear was worn down to a knife edge thickness and the bottom end of the gear had 1/4 wear on it.

How it was even running with the combination of these two conditions I am not sure?

But this brings up another question, what does the gear on the Camshaft look like??

Everything fit together well and was tight with no play, but I still have to wonder what that Camshaft gear looks like.

I guess that will have to wait until the motor gets to the point of rebuilding to really know.

This 4.3, V6 had 225,000 miles on it when I took the distributor out for those wondering.


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