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My custom designed Rocker Covers.

By: Jaime 05/24/2020

I had these rocker covers in the garage next to the washing machine, and one day I had spilled some laundry detergent. Well, three months later I come to dig the rocker covers out, and to my dismay I saw they were full of rust. I was distraught, but I was set on doing what I had though. These covers look similar to the CPP catalog, but I had this idea before I even saw those Chevy ones. My intention on this was to use to the form/lines of the covers to frame the letters. The rust chewed up the SS brushes for my Dremel rotary tool, and start to finish took about 40 hours. The green stuff next to the Chevrolet script is actually Playdough. I needed to get the fine lines of the letters and realized tape wasn't working, so I suddenly had the idea to use Playdough to block off areas.

It looks great, and I've had people comment saying that they didn't recognize the covers from the parts catalog. I'd say that was a good litmus test if I could fool the eye.


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