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Worn Cam Lobe = Since I'm Down There

By: Jaime 06/13/2020

63496AD7-3E99-4612-9A8F-27EC10DCF51F.jpgSo, a few years ago I had found out that the cam lobes were worn down, and when i figured I'd get a cam replacement, I figured since I was down there I might as well replace the heads and get some power out of the car. I think I did this because people saying you can fix a Chevy with a hammer, and the Internet/YouTube lead me to believe a heads, cam swap was a no big deal (also since I'm down there), but boy was i wrong. In the end, I'm happy with my decisions thus far. 6DAEBBB5-0B70-4CD6-9C0C-5F86EC7BDC27.jpg72D7CEE0-9EC5-4D3D-A309-3CF7D390B58C.jpg84F70617-91A0-470F-BD99-B3137D415805.jpg


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