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Time To Ditch That Misfire

By: Nerd 08/12/2020


Being a wrecked vehicle, this slab sat dormant outside for two years and that long sleep wrecked havoc on the fuel and ignition system. With 16 spark plugs shared between its cylinders, there were more than a few misfires and dead ignition coils. When we saw MSD's new Gen 3 Hemi factory replacement coils, it seemed like the ideal time for an upgrade. They will out perform the factory system and allow us to take advantage of our Diablosport Trinity's custom tuning options.

MSD's ignition coils serve as a direct replacement, which meant this job took less than 25 minutes to complete from start to finish. Begin by removing the engine cover (pull up on the front of the cover, and it will release from its friction mount. Place that aside and take a closer look at your coil(s). Notice the connector at the top of the body; Using two picks can make quick work of removal by lifting the outside tab and pulling up on the bottom side. Note orientation, as mis-wiring these during re-installation will result in misfiring.


8mm bolts retain the coil packs in place, an electric ratchet made quick work of this. Keep track of the hardware; we will re-use this on our new coil packs.


Pull straight out with even pressure, and you will feel the boot release from the spark plug(s), note the twin plug setup on the Gen III HEMI. The old coil pack can be laid to the side, we are finished with them at this point. With all eight coil packs removed, we can easily change the old, gas fouled spark plugs and replace them with MSD's Iridium plugs. We opted for a one step colder heat range as a small hit of giggle gas (nitrous) will hopefully shoved down the stock intake soon...


At this point we see the OE unit compared to the new MSD coil, while the two look similar from the outside, the MSD outputs over 38,000 volts (10,000+ over the stock unit). Which means the increased rev limiter won't suffer from coil breakdown, and the high-end potting reduces heat exposure (increasing durability/longevity).


Re-installation is a piece of cake, insert the boots into spark plug holes, press firmly until you hear it *click* and seat on the plugs themselves. Following that, snug the retaining bolts holding the coil in place. Re-connecting the pigtail means we are finished! A quick scan utilizing the diagnostic tools in our Trinity tuner, showed no more misfiring trouble codes. We noted a significant increase in fuel mileage and performance when compared to horribly fouled plugs and junk OE coils.


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