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Nerd's Colonel Heinz

2006 Chrysler 300

C 345/5.7L V8


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  • Color: Gray
  • Horsepower: 375
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    What happens when you take a wrecked Chrysler 300C, strap on new wheels, cheap paint, goodies from Holley, MSD Performance, Flowmaster Mufflers INC., DiabloSport LLC and a s&*! load of stickers? Meet, Colonel Heinz 57... This 5.7L HEMI powered Chrysler 300c was purchased up for $1200, with a lot of willpower and time, it was brought back to life as a true budget brawler. In case you're wondering, a Trinity T2, Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust, MSD Ignition Coils and Flowmaster Delta Force intake picked this barge up .4 tenths of a second in the 1/8 mile!! At full weight (well north of 4k lbs), with Cold A/C this thing will knock down 22 MPG and do burnouts on command.

    Completed Modifications

    Engine Management (ECU) (1)
    Engine Parts (3)
    Exhaust (1)
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