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she came a long way from the Heap I found!

By: Vorhees 08/19/2020

You'd never know it looking at it now, but when I got it this truck was a mess. It barely ran, leaked every kind of fluid you put in it; and, worst of all -to me - there was a sign on the driver's side back window that read, "Honk if somethin falls off". I was so mad by that sign when I bought it, I tore it off in the parking lot of an AutoZone, my first stop where I had to go immediately, for the first of what would be many new parts, a thermostat. Little did I know the starting and charging issues only began there. She had the wrong timing cover, wrong alternator and wrong water pump for this engine. Let's just say my adventure began there. I drove her home with two cut leaf springs, the bed sitting on my axle, and my jump pack. After 2 new leaf springs and all new shackle mounts and a 3 inch drop kit, it was finally ready for the road. Unfortunately, all this was too much for the old and tired transmission, which died on me; so, I took I decided it was time to rip it all apart. The transmission has been fully rebuilt by a local shop, and i gutted every single rusty nut, bolt, screw or panel I was unhappy with. It's been a long slow process, but it's finally almost done.

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