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September 2020 Status Update

By: kyg35sedan 09/30/2020

Fuel system has been completed about 95% Still awaiting a couple of -8an fittings for the fuel surge tank to filter and filter to feed to come in off backorder to complete. Was able to utilize stock Infiniti fuel line brackets to mount and route -8an feed and -6an return lines. Flex Fuel sensor is mounted and installed. Custom Flex Fuel/Alternator/Boost Control Solenoid harness is routed and installed. Fuel surge tank is mounted in trunk. All interior cabin wiring and dash wiring is complete. Custom fuel sending unit wiring is complete back to the Holley Digital Dash. Custom fuel pump wiring is completed along with new relay systems for each of the 3 pumps in this setup. OEM fuel pump and hanger has been heavily modified with a FPR delete and a -6an return line plumbed in. This pump feeds the fuel surge tank in the trunk. It is wired to come on with one of the AEM 320lph E85 pumps and the other AEM 320lph E85 pump is wired to come on at 5psi of boost and above. Boost control solenoid is mounted and wired up to the custom harness that utilizes the power tap on the Terminator harness. Driveshaft has been removed and discarded and rear differential is in process of being removed for refurbishing and welding. The 4l60-e transmission has been disassembled and inspected and parts that are getting replaced have been discarded. The case, tail housing and pan have been cleaned, prepped and painted and are awaiting assembly. A new bellhousing is on the way with the proper pattern for the LS engines. We are now to the heart of the build with powertrain and drivetrain components being the only parts left to build.

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