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Marriage 96' Kids 98' Truck Dead 05'

By: David 08/15/2019

Around 95' I added a Shell on the back wanting to go camping and stuff. I made a really cool carpet kit for the back with storage compartments on the sides and a 3-piece platform that could lay at the bottom or move it up to be flush with top of wheel wells for storage underneath and a wider bed to sleep on.


And then it happened, I got Married.



Couple trips with wife before kids start popping out.



When the kids came along I added a rear jeep seat in the back with Seat belts of coarse and used that for a couple years and then in 2001 finally bought a 99' Ford 4x4 Expedition for family stuff. I drove the Toyota to work until about 05' at which point the carburetor gave up and the motor was burning oil pretty bad. I decided to just drive the Expedition full time instead of putting money into the Toyota, so the Toyota sat for quite a while. I made a couple feeble attempts at getting it going again but by this time pretty much everything was leaking, radiator, power steering, A/C, transmission, you name it, it was leaking. I just didn't have the time or money to put into it. So it sat.



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